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A Guide On Forklift Training Courses

Do you want to drive a forklift? The truth is, many Australians do not know how and where they can train as forklift operators. Below is an extensive guide on forklift training courses in Australia. 

Eligibility Criteria

In Australia, people who wish to apply for forklift training should be at least 18 years of age. Besides, you must be an Australian citizen. In some states, you may be required to have a driving licence. The course is taught in English. Therefore, you must understand written and spoken English. Applicants should be of sound mind. Besides, they should not have medical conditions that could impair their judgement or sight. 

Decide On An Appropriate Licence

Most applicants are often confused about the various classes of forklift licences. An LO licence permits you to operate an order picking forklift. These forklifts are used by warehouse personnel to pick and arrange items in the warehouse. They are different from other forklifts since operators can hoist or lower themselves when using the forklifts. The LF licence allows you to operate other kinds of forklifts such as side loaders, counterbalance, pallet jacks, and telehandlers. 

Finding A Training Institution

Forklift training occurs in registered training organisations (RTOs). When choosing an RTO, conduct an internet search or interview previous students to know the expertise of trainers at the institution. Besides, inquire about the costs. Forklift training takes a few days. Therefore, the RTO should be close to your home.  

Preparing For Classes

If possible, conduct some internet research to acquaint yourself with basic forklift operation. For instance, you could read about the types of forklifts, safety protocols, forklift inspection, and how to maintain and repair forklifts. It ensures you have an easy time comprehending course material. Forklift training has a theory and practical component. Most students get anxious when operating the forklift for the first time. However, this should not be a cause for concern since you will relax as you get used to the machine. 


You are required to take a theory and practical exam after training. If you pass the exam, the RTO will provide you with a notice of assessment and statement of attainment. Submit these documents, alongside your identification details, to the Australian post. You will receive your licence within a few weeks. You may need an interstate licence transfer if you wish to work in another state. 

When applying for a forklift licence, check the eligibility criteria, decide on an appropriate licence, find an accredited RTO, prepare for classes, and observe the recommended tips when applying for your forklift licence. 

If you need help finding a forklift training course, contact a local education service.